Compendium of Pesticide Common Names

For purposes of trade, registration and legislation, and for use in popular and scientific publications, pesticides need names that are short, distinctive, non-proprietary and widely-accepted. Systematic chemical names are rarely short and are not convenient for general use; thus standards bodies assign common names to the active ingredients of pesticides.

More than 1200 of these official common names for pesticides have been assigned by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The Compendium contains much more than ISO common names, with data sheets for more than 1800 different active ingredients and for more than 350 ester and salt derivatives, made accessible by a comprehensive set of indexes and a classification.

Table of Contents
Introduction General Background
Index of all Common Names Index of Non-ISO Common Names
Index of New ISO Common Names Index of Esters and Salts
IUPAC Systematic Name Index Preferred IUPAC Names (PIN) Index
CAS Systematic Name Index CAS Registry Number® Index
Molecular Formulae Index InChIKey Index
Heteroatom Index (HAIC Index) Pesticide Classification
Basic Introduction Glossary
Naming of Simple Esters and Salts Catalogue par noms communs français
Индекс Русский общих имен 索引农药中文通用名称
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The inclusion of a pesticide name in this Compendium must not be interpreted as a recommendation for the use of the substance in agriculture or in any other field.

It is essential to follow the instructions on the label before handling, storing or using any pesticide, and to comply with the requirements of the appropriate regulatory authority.

The information in this Compendium must not be used as a substitute for either Material Safety Data Sheets or labels on commercial pesticides.


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