copper oxychloride

Chinese: 王铜French: oxychlorure de cuivre (n.m.)Russian: хлорокись меди

Approval: ISO common name not required
IUPAC name: dicopper(II) chloride trihydroxide
CAS name: copper chloride oxide hydrate
CAS Reg. No.: 1332-40-7
Formula: ClCu2H3O3
Activity: bactericides
bird repellents
fungicides (copper compound)
Notes: This substance is considered by the International Organization for Standardization not to require a common name.
The names “basic copper chloride” and “tribasic copper chloride” have been used in the literature, but they have no official status.
Structure: Structural formula of copper oxychloride
Pronunciation: kǒp-a ǒk-sī-klor-īd  Guide to British pronunciation

A data sheet from the Compendium of Pesticide Common Names