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HAIC Index of Molecular Formulae – Mercury

In this Hetero Atom In Context index, the mercury atoms in the molecular formula are contained in a separate column. The first column contains the atoms preceding mercury. The third column contains the atoms following mercury. The fourth column contains links to data sheets.

The Compendium includes 24 substances that contain mercury.

HAIC indexLinks to data sheets
Cl2Hgmercuric chloride
HgOmercuric oxide
C2H5BrHgethylmercury bromide
C2H5ClHgethylmercury chloride
C2H7HgO4Pethylmercury phosphate
C3H6HgN4methylmercury dicyandiamide
C3H7ClHgO2-methoxyethylmercury chloride
C4H8HgO2ethylmercury acetate
C5H11BrHgO(3-ethoxypropyl)mercury bromide
C5H12HgO2Sethylmercury 2,3-dihydroxypropyl mercaptide
C6H5ClHgphenylmercury chloride
C6H5HgNO3phenylmercury nitrate
C7H3Cl5HgOmethylmercury pentachlorophenoxide
C8H8HgO2methylmercury benzoate
phenylmercury acetate
C9H10HgO2tolylmercury acetate
C12H10HgO2phenylmercury derivative of pyrocatechol
C13H10HgO3phenylmercury salicylate
Cl2Hg2mercurous chloride

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