Help – Index of Preferred IUPAC Names

This index includes all of the names in the PIN field on the data sheets for main compounds and for salt and ester derivatives.

It does not include the traditional IUPAC names or the uninverted Chemical Abstracts names.

Use the navigation buttons just below the title to display a list of names that begin with a particular letter. For example, click the “G” button to see the names that begin with that letter.

The primary sorting order is letter by letter, ignoring locants and stereochemical identifiers, which produces the following order:

methylarsonic acid
methyl bromide
methyl 3,4-dichlorocarbanilate
methyl isothiocyanate
methylmercury benzoate

Locants and stereochemical identifiers are only used in sorting when the letter-by-letter sorting gives the same position for different names.

Just beneath each systematic name is the corresponding common name; click a common name to display its data sheet.